The night of the tales

Also the earth
at night
is firmament:
with more condensed or more scattered
D. Bussolati

From Reggio Emilia an invitation to Italy, to Europe, to the World to discover once again the value and the magic of a tale thanks to these multiplied voices that, like stars, will brighten La notte dei racconti.

All together, everyone at the same time but everybody with whoever they wish: adults and children around stories, adventures and emotions to read, narrate and listen to.

La notte dei racconti is a proposal that individual families can create at home by welcoming, if they wish, friends and acquaintances so as to share the reading and the narrations that participants will choose and interpret.

An initiative which is open also to public spaces like infant toddler centres, preschools and primary schools, libraries, which can seize this opportunity to give life to this event in full freedom. La notte dei racconti starts from the idea that everyone has something to tell and can find out in themselves that natural “talent” which is able to turn also a small daily occurrence into a poetic and creative experience of life thanks to a tale.